When developing all Ombelle products, we focused on the essentials and left out everything that could unnecessarily harm your skin and our environment. The Ombelle deodorant consists of only five ingredients + fragrance.

This has the advantage for you that with Ombelle only the concentrated, high-quality care substances are contained in the products, without cheap fillers or thickened water.

We choose all ingredients and packaging in such a way that unnecessary pollution of the environment is avoided as far as possible. We pay particular attention to ensuring that everything remains plastic-free.

The reusable glass jars with aluminum lids are stuck with paper labels. The folding boxes are made of cardboard, as are our shipping boxes. We use wood wool as filling material, paper tape for sealing and the CO2-neutral DHL Go Green as a delivery service. All processes are checked by us for their sustainability.

There is a lot of manual work in the products; two workshops for people with disabilities help us:
The wooden spatula is made by hand from walnut wood in Berlin.
In our neighborhood, the products are hand-packed and then reach your bathroom via our shop.