shea butter

Shea butter has always been one of our favorite cosmetic products because it combines so many fantastic skin and hair care properties.
Shea butter is non-comedogenic and therefore also suitable as a cream for skin prone to blemishes and acne.

Our cold-pressed product comes from Africa
We obtain our organic shea butter from women in Burkina Faso from a Fair for Life project: . The production of shea butter has a long tradition here. The women swear by the effect of the product and use it for daily beauty care as natural organic cosmetics.
The shea butter tree grows in the steppes of West Africa. After the 2-month rainy season, the nuts (which botanically are actually berries) are harvested and processed immediately.

Gently processed
Our product is cold-pressed shea butter, which means that the shea berries are subjected to a maximum of 60 degrees of heat during pressing in order to preserve all the ingredients. Cold pressing is the gentlest method of production. The yield from this particularly good quality is relatively low. When it comes to cold pressing, it is important that the shea nuts have a high initial quality, since their smell is transferred particularly strongly into the fat here.
The reason why we deodorize the shea butter is that this natural smell does not seem pleasant to everyone. This does not damage the good ingredients - they are all preserved.

Shea butter offers ingredients with natural effects
For the care of skin and hair, the shea butter contains a perfect combination of valuable ingredients. It contains vitamins, minerals and is rich in oleic acids. For this reason, it lies protectively on the skin's surface, binds natural moisture and acts as an antioxidant.

Nourishing for skin and hair - information on the use of shea butter
The butter is very economical and spreads easily. Simply take a pea-sized amount out of the pan with the wooden spatula and spread it lightly on the skin with your fingers. The shea butter melts into her as she applies. For a wonderfully well-groomed feeling! To care for a dry, irritated scalp, we recommend gently massaging in the butter in the evening and leaving it on overnight. Just wash it off in the morning. Massage the butter into stressed and dry hair or hair ends, leave on for 30 minutes, wash out.

We make small batches so you always get a fresh product.