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What does a little Breton woman who grew up with sun and wind on the Atlantic has to do with a medium-sized Oldenburg woman who walked in the mudflats of the North Sea and on cow meadows and a tall Calenberger who spent his childhood next to a Schnaps distillery?

They celebrate the German-French friendship and make natural cosmetics. They have learned that in the meantime.

Finest sensual natural cosmetics


Natural cosmetics accompany us all throughout our professional lives and we have gained many different experiences in different contexts. When we summed up history, we found that bad compromises were made in many companies to save money. The cheaper raw material was used, the cheaper - but environmentally harmful - packaging was chosen. The bottom line is that in our opinion this has made the products a little worse and unnecessarily increased the burden on the environment.

So we asked ourselves these questions:
What could the perfect natural cosmetics actually look like?

How do you create a product that promises a great feeling on the skin, that appeals to all the senses, that looks beautiful and is also fair to people, animals and nature?

What absolutely belongs in it, what is unnecessary?

What kind of packaging is required?

Which people are involved where and how?

What must absolutely go in and what can left out?

What does a product need to be sensual and effective?

And all the trimmings: environmentally friendly packaging, environmentally friendly shipping ...

That then led to the establishment of Ombelle.

Ombelle is a natural cosmetics company from Hanover / Northern Germany founded in 2020. All products are developed in a small team. Then partly produced in our own laboratory, partly in a natural cosmetics laboratory in France.

The name Ombelle is French and stands for the umbrella-like flower umbels. Because we are a very Francophile company - our founder is from France - as are some of our ingredients and fragrances, we found that very fitting.

The idea: effective natural cosmetics made from a few, high-quality organic ingredients. The fragrances used come from a perfumer in the south of France and have been specially created for ombelle from natural ingredients.

The recipes do not use water, are packaged sustainably and are shipped plastic-free.

All supply chains from the procurement of raw materials to packaging are evaluated for freedom from plastic and the delivery routes. The shortest routes and the plastic-free variants are always preferred, even if this is more expensive for us.

Now it's up to you to try Ombelle! Have we reached our goal and have we achieved the perfect natural cosmetics? What do you think?