A Frenchwoman in Hannover

Cécile Morice Gründerin von Ombelle

Ombelle* is the story of Cécile Morice:

Having grown up near the Atlantic Ocean, she experienced the wild beauty of the Breton coast from an early age. In addition to her love of the sea and sailing through the Breton islands, she developeda passion for cosmetics at a very early age. Over the years this passion has become a profession in the service of beauty and nature.

After 20 years of professional experience in natural cosmetics in France and Germany, the need to develop a truly sustainable natural skincare line, led her to create her own brand- products that take the best of Germany and France.

Cécile: Cécile: "I feel just as comfortable in rubber boots tending the herbs in my garden as I am in high heels at parties. I have a passion for ecology and spend a lot of time in the open air, where I reload my batteries and find inspiration for my products.

The scent of cosmetics should remind me of a summer's day in France: the smell of wild herbs, orange and lemon blossoms. Their texture should be fine and supple. The aspiration I have always had for the care of my skin is reflected in the conception of my products and the search for the purest ingredients. This applies to what I eat, what I drink, what I wear and how I care for my skin. My cosmetics line is natural and consists of only a few selected ingredients from certified growers and is packaged in a way that conserves resources. It pampers and cares for the skin gently."

In harmony with her lifestyle and her vision of nature and the world, and thanks to her rigorous approach, Cécile creates organic products of the highest quality.
Ombelle is like her a blend of elegance and naturalness.

*Ombelle refers to these parasol-shaped flowers like the agapanthus which are found a lot in Brittany and which in German bear the beautiful name of Fleur d‘amour. Like a parasol, our products protect your skin.