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NEW: Soap holder made of concrete

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This stylish soap holder ensures that your soap is always there and does not slip into the sink. It holds the bar upright and allows the soap to dry from all sides. This prevents the soap from getting unattractive soaked spots. Excess water can run off.

The soap holder is quite heavy and securely holds its position on the edge of the sink or bathtub.

We developed the concrete used specifically for our applications. It does not contain any plastics and is ecologically harmless, especially since we only use the material in very thin material. This is part of the design concept, but at the same time saves resources. Mixing the concrete mass is quite easy. The necessary water is filled into the container of the concrete mixer. Then the dry concrete mix is ​​added and everything is mixed up. Then the concrete mass can be poured into the intended forms. The surfaces are sanded and treated with a special seal to protect the material from damage caused by moisture. Each soap holder is unique and shows typical irregular small air pockets on the surface.

Size: (WxHxD) 9 x 5 x 6 cm, weight approx. 335 g, material: concrete

The soap is not included in this offer

Care: wipe with a damp cloth or brush with a nail brush, do not put in the dishwasher.

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